Commercial Roof Repair

Storms and other harsh weather conditions may lead to problems that require your commercial roof repairs or replacement.

Leaks or other water damage may result in impaired, old, or broken shingles, which can compromise the integrity of the commercial roof repair for structure. By acting on any timely repairs you can avoid having to conduct a total replacement in the future.

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Commercial Roof Repairs can provide you with many advantages, including:

  • Protection of the overall building structure and prevention of water coming into the interior of the home.
  • Saving you from total roof replacement service
  • Extending the life of your roof

Our roofing team is here to help New Haven, Connecticut business owners repair and extend the life of their roof.

Common Roof Issues

There can be many issues related to the roof, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Cracked flashing
  • Rotten plumbing jacks, heater stacks, and AC vents
  • Rotten soffit and fascia

You need to have a proper inspection done in order to avoid voiding the warranty of your roof. A timely inspection can uncover any little faults and leave you with peace of mind for a good and quality commercial roof repair.

Three Types of Commercial Roof Repair

There are three types of commercial roof repairs: Flat Roof repairs, Low Slope Roof repairs, and Pitched Roof repairs.

Leak History

Flat Roof Repairs 

If you have a flat roof, you can simply apply a roof coating to solve most problems. Generally, commercial owners prefer flat roofs as they tend to cost less when compared to other sloped roofs. With the flat roof, more storage options are available to the business owners and they allow you to place HVAC units and many other essentials on top of the commercial building.

Flat roofing is also easy to inspect and lessens the risk of falling, unlike a sloped roof. Unfortunately, flat roofing comes with its own drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Flat Roofing 
  • Frequent Leaks
  • Puddling of water
  • Inefficient energy
  • Frequent maintenance and inspection

Sealing the Whole Roof

You can choose to have a watertight flat roof coating system, which helps your roof perform at its best while saving you time and money. If your roofing is out of shape, you can opt for the coating rather than repairing or replacing the roof as a whole.

Such a roof sealing mechanism is often the best solution to avoid tearing off the roof.  This is an economical and quick process to protect your roof from leaks.  

Rubber Roofing

A rubber roofing system can easily reflect the heat of the sun, leaving you with a smaller electricity bill while effectively preventing leaks.

Metal Roofing

With metal roofing, you can get both rust and leak resistance, leaving your roof looking brand new for years to come. 

Low Sloped Roofs

Low sloped roofs commonly appear on factories, warehouses, apartments, and other commercial buildings.

Advantages of Low-Pitched Roofs

The pitch of the roof prevents water from remaining on the roof in the form of a puddle. Such roofing directs the water to the saddle, drains, and valleys. Working on such a low-pitched roof is also easier for the workers compared to a high-pitched roof.

Commercial roof installation, replacement, and repairs are also easy and leave less of a chance for the management of any water problems. 

The Disadvantage of Low-Pitched Roofs 

One of the major drawbacks of the low-pitched roof is that snow remains on the roof resulting in slower melting. 

Warning Signs That Dictate Roof Repair

There are numerous warning signs that show whether or not your roof requires repair. Here are a few things to watch out for:

    • Age of roof
    • Missing or rotten shingles
    • Condition of interior wall
  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions 
  • Untreated pipe shanks
  • Tube curling
  • Wear and holes in the valleys


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Generally, a roof can last for 17 years depending on the maintenance and the quality of the shingles. After 17 years, there is a much higher chance for leaks, tears, and flashing.  

Missing, torn, or rotten shingles are most common, at which point it is better to replace the roof rather than conducting a repair. 

A sign that tells whether your roof should be replaced can be seen on the condition of the interior wall. You can look for loss of paint or moisture marks which can indicate that the water is seeping through the roof. You have to do roof repair in this case.

Roof deterioration can increase by frequent exposure to snow, hail, rain, and sunlight. If you find any minor patches or other issues on the roof, it can deteriorate faster than usual. 

Shanks can last for 25 years but often only last for 10 to 14 years. Moreover, the tabs can show curling, leaving the roof vulnerable to blow-off and water seepage. 

Check for wear and holes in the valleys as such damage causes the water to travel in the area. 

Being wary about these warning signs can help determine if commercial roof repair is require. No matter which type of roof you have, repairs ensure longevity and help you avoid larger problems.

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