Residential Roof Inspection

The roof is the first defense of your home. Strong and durable roofing can protect against storms and other major damages. Roofing is a big investment that has to be in the best shape. There are numerous reasons that dictate doing a roof inspection.

residential roof inspection by Elm City Roofing

Having a professional roofing inspector can offer you a variety of benefits.

Why Have a Residential Roof Inspection?

Elm City Roofing specialists can predict the age of the roofing just by inspecting the roof thoroughly.  By inspecting the condition, our team can detect any possible problems whether it is minor or major. If you don’t have proof of inspection then many companies will not offer you insurance even in case of storms or harsh weather.

residential roof inspection
residential roof inspection

How Often You Should Have A Residential Roof Inspection?

You can have a residential roof inspection every 2 years but there’s been a drastic storm, or you notice a spike in the electricity bill then you should have your roof inspected. You’ll want to know if any shingles blew off from wind, damaged from hail or even ice.

Benefits of Residential Roof Inspection

There are many benefits to having a residential roof inspection. Some of the benefits are shown below:

Free of Worry:
  • By having a roof inspection you will be free of worry and when the bad weather appears you will know that your roof will hold up and protect you and your family as well as your belongings. 
Heavy Rain:
  • When heavy rain occurs, the roof can be leaky, and this will not only destroy your home but also your home interior. You need to ask for an inspection when you notice any leaks. A roofing professional from Elm City Roofing will thoroughly assess the damage.
Professional Care:
  • Elm City Roofing professionals will notice the things that you might not consider. There are special tools that help to find the faults that you might not have access to. By scheduling the inspection our team can suggest minor repairs that can save you from major problems. If the needed repairs add up, then total roof replacement will be recommended.
Healthy Roof:
  •  By inspection, you will be at ease knowing the condition of your roof. Inspection can ensure a variety of things from missing shingles to poor ventilation, insulation as well as moisture level.
residential roof inspection

Elm City Roofing

Elm City Roofing which is situated in New Haven, Connecticut encourages that homeowners do not inspect their own roofs. Thus calling a professional roofer nearby will ensure that your safety is met. By inspecting your roof regularly, you may find any faults early on and might able to prevent the damage from increasing.

Having small repairs to your roof might not seem convenient but in the long run, you’ll save a lot of money. Water damage can seep beneath your roof, into the attic and onto the walls. Not only that but mold remediation may be needed if you do not address roof damage early on. 

Residential Roof Inspection Checklist for you

If you don’t know what to see when having the residential roof inspection then here is the checklist for you that can help in finding the faults. If you see such faults you need to correct them to avoid having other major issues

  • Clear loose debris from your roof’s gutter
  • Check if all sealants and caulkings are all right and in perfect shape
  • Cut any trees that might hangover or are near your roof to avoid any redundant debris.
  • You also need to check your roof for any blisters
  • See if the joists are cracked
  • You need to remove all the debris that can lead to the gathering of the water. This water can lead to deterioration at a faster rate.
  • You also need to check the roof membrane for the deterioration, defects, holes, and any separation of the edges or any potential abnormalities.
  • Look for hail or wind damage

If you see any of the above faults you can ask for repairs from Elm City Roofing. If you repair it by yourself you might damage it furthermore thus eliminating any warranties that may exist. A DIY solution might not be worth it in the long run so, have the Elm City Roofing professionals take care of it for you.

Interior Residential Roof Inspection

You can also spot damage to the roof internally. You need to know the older your roof becomes the more vulnerable it will be to the future stresses. Check these things when having a DIY inspection.

  • You need to check for the cracks on the roof sheathing. 
  • You need to measure and calculate the proper ventilation you are having
  • Also, check sagging decking that can be between rafters
  • Check if the light easily come in from the roof
  • You can also check the roof intake vents that will provide you with proper ventilation
  • For having healthy roofing check the bathroom as well as kitchen exhaust fans
  • You should also check any leaks around the vents or chimneys
  • Check for any holes
  • Check for the sign of condensation, mold, or any insulation

If you see any abnormality in your roofing you can ask for an inspection and the Elm City Roofing inspectors will come to look for the faults that might be creating the main problem in the coming years.


Having a Residential roof inspection is the most crucial thing to do. You will save a ton of money and can be free from the worries of repairs or replacement. The Elm City Roofing inspectors can help you to look for the things that you might overlook because of the professional’s tools as well as individuals.

Our professional roof inspection service caters to New Haven and the surrounding area. Our team can also help you to maintain a healthy roof that in turn protects your family, belongings, and home investment. So, again you need to know that a healthy roof can be the best defense of your home. Call us today!

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