Residential Roofing Repair

Home is considered the safest place to be, but not if the roof is damaged and leaking. Having a roof that is durable and able to withstand drastic weather patterns will make all the difference to your safety. The roof is regarded as the first line of protection from the external or environmental factors. Elm City Roofing provides the best residential roofing repairs in New Haven, CT.

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New Haven Residential Roofing Repairs

We can provide you with minor repairs to full repairs. Did you know that the average roofing lifespan is only 20 years? The roof can be damaged due to bad weather, overloading, and accidents.  Knowing that it is time for repairing the roof can be difficult so you have to know the type of damage that you can repair.

Here are the types of roof damage that can get roof repair

residential roofing repair

Shingle Repairs

Most residential houses in New Haven use shingles. Shingles are tough materials that are strong enough to bear the UV rays of the sun, heavy rain, and high winds. Noticed anything that needs repairing? You need to call Elm City Roofing today. 

Types of Shingle Damage:

Broken shingles:

 If the withering does not take place then you might find that shingles are broken down. Such breaking of pieces can be damaged due to extreme weather conditions and other unforeseeable events such as accidents. Such singles are to be replaced to avoid leaking and exposing the home to the outside environment. Commonly, people install new shingles on the old shingles. Such practice can also destroy your new shingle so it is best to replace the old one with the new one.

Granule Loss:

 With time shingles can rot and lose their granules or pieces. Such withering can expose the underneath surface. You can also observe granule-like bits on the ground of your property, then it can be a sign of receding shingles.


The shingle expands on heating so, due to the weather conditions expansion and contraction can split the shingle into pieces or it causes cracks.


You can also look for the curling of the shingles. The edges of the shingles can either curve inward or outward. The lack of moisture or extreme heat on the shingles can cause that to happen.


 Shingles can also shirk due to extreme weather condition or aging

Lifting of Shingles:

 Just like mentioned before shingles can bend or curve, because of the above-mentioned conditions shingles can lift allowing water to dampen the underlayment and decking.

Rusting of Shingles at Valleys:

 Valley is the area where the slopes are met. The slopes can rot faster than any other part of the roof. This is because of the flow of water since water flows over the shingles to get to the gutter

Flashing Repairs due to Improper Installation

Some contractors overlook the galvanized steel or zinc alloy to give the water the way to go through the chimney, dormers, walls, and other areas where the roof can meet the vertical plane. 

Fortunately, Elm City Roofing knows how bad it can damage your roof and this can cause flashing to curl up and build up water. Some companies also use substandard materials that are easy to break. Companies do that to save costs and to have more profit.

You need to know that poor roofing jobs can result in extensive roof repairs. Don’t worry, you’re looking at New Haven’s top residential roofing repair.  We are licensed to perform maintenance and other work.

residential roofing repair

Gutter Repair and Maintenance

The gutter is the way through which water leaves the roof. However, the gutter may also trap twigs, leaves, dead insects, and other things. This is the reason why you need to consider cleaning the gutter twice or four times a year and especially during the fall season and spring season.

If you didn’t pay attention to your gutters, then debris can clog the drain and water will not be able to reach the bottom. Sometimes water also floods over the gutter and such can result in rotting of the shingles as well as the roof. Worst case scenario gutter can collapse due to weight hence demanding quick repairs.

Repair Due To Ventilation

Poor ventilation can also demand repairs because it can trap excessive heat as well as cold air. This overheating and overcooling of the shingles cause blisters and other deterioration. Moreover, if the air does not flow properly, the house can be filled with bad air that may harbor bacteria or viruses.  Such poor ventilation can also increase the chance of having growth of mildew as well as mold.

Such things can lead to the rotting of the wooden decking and shingles. Mostly, fascia and the rafters are affected because of the poor ventilation. Also, poor ventilation can lead to pest infestation.

If you haven’t inspected your roofing in several years, then call Elm City Roofing. We take care of any roof damage and do all repairs, including the ventilation. You are a phone call away from getting a free estimate today. We are experienced and we provide a 30-year warranty on the shingle and offer a whole 1-year warranty on our work.   

We provide shingle roofing, metal roofing, and rubber roofing, repairs, and materials. You can ask our help by calling us or by sending us an email we do these services at the address New Haven, CT. 

Roof Leakage

If you see any leaks then it is a clear sign that your roof is rotting and deteriorating. You can easily get confused because water can flow to any place which makes it difficult to find the main source of the leakage. Experts of Elm City Roofing are equipped with knowledge as well as tools to find out the cause of the leakage.

No matter if it is a small or large leak; you should hire a New Haven roofing company like Elm City Roofing. If you try doing DIY repairs, then you may worsen the situation. Without fixing the roof effectively, a small leak could turn into a large problem that can involve mold or ceiling collapse. 

residential roofing repair

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You can contact our Elm City Roofing professionals to know how we will be going to help you. We are here to handle any roofing-related needs and to answer your questions. Our team of experts will divulge any service you need.


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