Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

To help your home stay ventilated and breathable, you need to take care of the roof ventilation. Heat and vapors can trap in the attic, which can prevent your roof from experiencing mold and rot.

ridge vents & roof ventilation
ridge vents & roof ventilation available in New Haven

Adding Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation To Your Home

Most homes use shingles for roofing so premature rotting can happen due to poor or no ventilation. Roof ventilation helps the house cool down, especially during warm weather. Proper ventilation saves your electricity bill and prevents your home from harboring germs.

It additionally helps to prevent ice and water dams, maintaining cooling on the roof, thus preventing ice to melt and allowing the water to refreeze which can potentially cause a dam. 

A ridge vent works at its best when used with a vented soffit. Air goes up through the soffit and through the ridge, resulting in vertical ventilation. Alternatively, gable vents are used for ventilation with a horizontal draft. 

The gable vents can go through the wall on both sides of the roof, allowing natural air to flow through the attic. Keep in mind that you have to avoid using both vertical and horizontal draft, as such practices can cancel each other out, disrupting proper ventilation. 

If you are unable to use these vents properly, most shingle warranties can be avoided. 

Styles and Brands of Ridge Vents


Old ridge vents are often made of aluminum and you will find that the nail line usually leaves nails open and exposed. These nails can rust and shake out of the plywood and the nails can experience expansion and contraction with heat or warm weather. 

The moment the nail rises out, the vents will start to lift from the roof, making them vulnerable to the wind. It is very common for this to lead to leaks in the roof, which may require replacement. In order to install new vents, you will need to remove the old aluminum ones first.

ridge vents & roof ventilation

We can provide you with durable vents that are covered by a warranty. The best ridge vents are available in a 4-foot vinyl section, in addition to other options that fit your personal preferences. You can also have a hidden nail line that prevents the fasteners from exposure to rust.

There are different types and styles of vents, including Seal-A-Ridge and Timbertex. Seal-A-Ridge provides a double layer of protection, while Timbertext are heavy duty utilizing added asphalt.  

To avoid any potential leaks, you need to have the proper ventilation. Shining a flashlight on the rafters, you can spot leaks by looking for any dark stains around the vent. Typically, a drip tail or stain, will follow a rafter to the area where the leaks are entering the house. 

You can avoid leaky vents by having your vents installed by a professional roofing company like Elm City Roofing. Sometimes, ridge vents are more susceptible to replacement when compared to roof shingles, but replacing ridge vents can take as little as a few hours. 

In other cases, you might not have a traditional roof ridge. In that case, ridge vents need to be installed as directed by the building’s architectural blueprints. Architects can design the roofs with ample ventilation so it is best to keep proper ventilation in mind.

Adding or removing vents can affect the total amount of ventilation in the house. Keep in mind that you should avoid installing ridge vents on small dormers and garages.

Three Basic Types of Roof Ventilation Systems

There are three basic types of room ventilation systems:

Ridge Vents

This type of vent is fitted to the roof’s peak and is considered to be an effective room ventilation system. They are usually built along the side of the ridge cap, allowing hot air gathered in the attic to rise and flow outside via a ridge venting system. This type of venting is almost invisible to the everyday eye. When warm air flow exits, fresh air will come into the attic through the soffit vents. 


ridge vents & roof ventilation

Soffit Vents

A soffit is a covering that is usually under the eaves of the roof which can be used as a vent and creates passive ventilation that keeps the house cool by avoiding hot air build up. A combination of ridge vent and soffit vents can help lower the house temperature during the summer. This can ultimately provide  a reduction in your cooling bill. This system can also help to  prevent the damaging cycle of “snowmelt” where melting snow on the roof can lead to ice dams along the eaves. 


Gable Vents

Gable vents are an older system that you can find in many homes. These vents can be easily spotted on the side of the home below the roof peaks. 

Regardless of what ventilation system you have, Elm City Roofing is here to help with all of your repair needs. Or, if you want to have proper ventilation in your home, we will also provide you with the best ventilation available. We know which systems are best suited for your home. 


A good ventilation system helps your home breathe and provides you with a number of benefits including avoiding bacteria, mold, or other viruses to become trapped in the home. With proper ventilation, you will also notice a reduction in your home power bill. 

There are many types of ventilation, but not all are good for your home. Proper repair, and inspection are required to keep it running at its full potential. You can select different styles and brands of roof ventilation to fit your specific needs. 

Elm City Roofing will also suggest the type of system that is best suited to your home. Call today for all of your New Haven roofing needs!

ridge vents & roof ventilation

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